Thursday, August 25, 2011

Inbox Dollars

This is a new one that I signed up for to check it out. While this one won't get you rich it will give you some pocket money. I made approximately 20.00 the first day that I signed up. Many of the tasks you do do not show up in your account for a couple days, but they always show up.

Inbox dollars has you do surveys, watch videos, read email etc for a few cents or dollars per task.  They also have grocery coupons that you get cash in an account for using but that seems too convoluted for me. The odd thing is they pay  by check. Seems odd to me that they don't just use Paypal. You have to have at least 30 dollars to ask for a payout. Once you have received a check and cashed it, you can get weekly payouts. Until then its a monthly payout.

If you do this one be sure you do not click on the ones that make you pay money. Remember NEVER pay money! They have plenty of paying ones that do not require money so stick to those.

The videos are kinda fun and most are only 60 seconds long. They pay from .02 - .05 cents per video. Surveys pay anywhere from .50 cents to 5.00 for longer ones. The only bad thing is you have to "pre qualify" for some of the surveys. They ask about 10 questions and then can decide you are not right for the survey. Kinda irritating.

They also have "paid tasks" where you actually work. Problem is these paid tasks are very time consuming and the pay is really low. I did one to search links for .40 cents. The directions said it would take no more than 30 mins. Wrong. If you cheat it could be done that quick. These searches are searching the same links over and over and copying and pasting the link. Obviously this is from a company paid to increase peoples Google search rankings. They should pay more than .40 cents.

Some of the tasks are content writing for a crazy cheap rate of pay. Don't do it. If you want to make money writing content see my posts on Yahoo and Demand Studios. Way better pay!

If you decide to try Inbox Dollars please join by clicking my referral code below:

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