Friday, August 26, 2011

Freelance Work with ChaCha

I did ChaCha work a few years ago. It is kinda fun as you answer text questions. Most are really simple questions like the phone number to a restaurant or the cheat sequence for a video game. They give you a whole page full of fast links for common text questions. I just got an email that they are having high text volumes especially at night and need people to work. The pay used to be 25 cents a text but now they have a different payscale. Now it ranges from 10 cents a text and up.

These are fairly short answers because they are texts. They do have to be put in full sentences and use proper spelling etc.

I am honestly surprised they are still in business as they were struggling. But I guess they made a comeback. To get paid is a bit of a hassle as you have to sign up for an internet bank account. The bank then sends you a debit card to get your cash. But the bank charges you 2.00. I hate that! I think they also have a direct deposit option but then you can only cash out once a month.

To get started go here:

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