Sunday, August 28, 2011

Facebook Marketplace How Did I Not Know??

I feel like a real idiot. Here I am supposed to be so internet savvy and I had no idea that Facebook has a Marketplace where you can list things for sale for FREE. Crazy!! How could I have not known that?

I can see all kinds of opportunities using that! I just put one of my ebooks on to test it. Way cool and super easy to use. This could be better than Ebay as there are no fees to pay.

You can sell stuff on their locally or nationally. I found a ton of listings in my local area for cars, houses, rentals, dogs, horses, tack, crafts etc etc. Way better than Craigslist!

Just type "marketplace" into your Faceook search at the top of your page and have a look. Or maybe I am the last one to know there was a marketplace LOL

1 comment:

  1. I have used market place and like it much better than eBay or Craig's list and it's FREE! :)


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