Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Working With

A friend told me about this one today. Looks kinda interesting as they have a lot of variety of work. Web design, graphics, customer service etc.

I clicked into the customer service jobs and it looks like they average 7-9.00 per hour, which isn't bad considering you do not have to leave home.

Heres a link to their customer service jobs

This is a little different in that it has a time clock that you clock in and out of anytime you work for an Odesk Client. Even the writing assignments are done on a clock.

Some of the writing assignments look like really low pay but the customer service stuff looks doable.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Publishing Your Own E-book Part One

Yes part one because there is way too much to this to make one post. And this is an on-going adventure.

Over the last couple years I have been just itching to write and publish my own e-books, but I kept hitting brick walls and would give up. 

My 2011 goal in January was to finally just do it and get them written and formatted. Little did I know it's not quite that easy. Unless of course you are a formatting guru. I have read other blogs and sites where the formatting issues brought much more experienced people to their knees. So at least I know I am not alone. My ultimate goal is to get my e-books on as Kindle books. I am getting close!

I am lucky in that I am selling to a niche market, so that is my expertise. But many can use some of these tips no matter what market you are writing to.

I am so hopeful that in the next couple years we will see the big e-book outlets all settle on one or maybe two main formats. Until then know that they all have a different format with different requirements. For example Nook, Kindle, Google Ebooks, and Smashwords all require a different format. 

First of course you have to actually write the e-book. Be SURE you write it in an older version of Microsoft Word like 2007. For some idiotic reason this is what e-book converters prefer. Especially if you want to convert your book to Kindle. I cannot help anyone with formatting images because I failed miserably.

Cool 3D cover someone made me for my first E-book. The only thing I don't like is it is hard to read the title so not sure I will use it. I have paid to have about 4 different covers done so far because I suck at graphics.

I was told to download the free Mobipocket player and convert my word documents to Kindle from there. It sounded so easy!! I was so naive. It is real easy to upload your word document to Mobi, but then you look at preview and see the jumbled mess that is supposed to be your e-book and the headache starts. If your book doesn't have pictures it is probably pretty easy. Pictures seem to throw a big old wrench into converting to Kindle.

I will cut to the chase and say I never could get mine to convert. I then met some awesome people on the Demand Studios forum that helped me get going. One special person is Jamie. She converted all 3 of my first books to PDF format so that I could at least get started selling them myself without Amazon. She will be open for business soon to help others so I will update when she gets her site up and running. Although I downloaded the PDF converter, I also failed miserably at that.

My best advice on the formatting issues is to pay someone to do it. Especially if you are not code savvy.  I wasted two months trying to format my own and it just wasn't worth it. All these format issues go back to coding, which I have never had the patience for. Be careful though choosing a company. At this point the only person I can recommend is Jamie and shes not up and running yet. Average range of prices is 5.-250.00. Its pretty much all over the place.

I will end here for now but much more later!

What is Your Klout Number?

I touched briefly on Klout on another post and promised to post more later. Well - later is now.

I do think Klout scores are going to become important for free-lancers so you may want to run over to their site and see what your score is. Especially if you are a blogger.

You sign up and give them access to your Facebook, Youtube, Blogger, Fickr, etc etc. From these stats they use some magical formula to generate your Klout score. This score shows how much influence you have in your "network" 

I am not sold that the formula really works. For example mine says I am an expert in Holland. Hmm. Not so much LOL. It would have made more sense if it would have said I was an expert in Miniature Horses or Shetland ponies since this is what I talk about the most. How it got Holland I have no clue.

Blog brightening picture!

If you get a high enough Klout score, you are offered Klout perks. One current perk is getting to read Stephan Kings new book before it is made available to the public. Another one was getting to try a car for a weekend with a gas card and give reviews on it.

And like I posted previously some free-lance work is already asking you to list your Klout score to qualify for work.

Mine started at 35 and in a week I am at 57. There are some glitches though. I cannot get my Youtube account to show up on Klout. I guess they are working on it.

I am a little fascinated with these Klout numbers so if you have one please comment and tell us what your Klout number is and if you think it is accurate.

I have to say - I do think its a little bit creepy.

Working With Clickworker

This is another writing and editing opportunity. I have friends making money there so this is legit free lance work. The company is based in Germany but people say they have no problems getting paid or getting work.

Last night I took the editing test which was really easy except there are computer errors in the test. I had several questions that had no answers that were viewable. Just the little circles to choose the answer. So I just guessed. Even with those I almost had a high enough percentage to pass. I did write them a note that the test was messed up.

There is also a general writer's test that you can take by writing a 90-120 word article on given keywords. I haven't done that yet as I have to write some Yahoo articles today for my deadline.

I f you decide to try it please use my referral link:

Monday, August 29, 2011

Writing for Interact Media

I just got my approval email to write for Interact Media. My friend Cate told me about this one on Facebook.

Based on my writing sample I was given a 3 star rating out of 5. I really didnt like the sample so I guess that is good. (my sample was write an article around the keywords "editing services")

So I ran to the open job board but all jobs for this morning were already taken. There has been a ton of people on the Demand Studios forum applying and working at IM so I am sure they go fast.

Looks interesting though. When I finally get to claim an article and submit it, I will update! 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Making Money on

This is a fun little website and I have friends that make quite a bit of money there. You can post anything you will do for 5.00. For writers you can post to write descriptions or other small writing assignments for 5.00.

Or you could do image resizing for 5.00 a picture etc etc. Christmas is coming and I know last year lots sold little Christmas stories personalized with peoples kids names.

I actually  use it to buy work like banners etc that I cant do. I have had really great results on there.

I did post once that I would answer a horse question for 5.00 just to see if anyone would bite. Got zero response. But I have seen where relationship questions seem to be a hit on there.

Facebook Marketplace How Did I Not Know??

I feel like a real idiot. Here I am supposed to be so internet savvy and I had no idea that Facebook has a Marketplace where you can list things for sale for FREE. Crazy!! How could I have not known that?

I can see all kinds of opportunities using that! I just put one of my ebooks on to test it. Way cool and super easy to use. This could be better than Ebay as there are no fees to pay.

You can sell stuff on their locally or nationally. I found a ton of listings in my local area for cars, houses, rentals, dogs, horses, tack, crafts etc etc. Way better than Craigslist!

Just type "marketplace" into your Faceook search at the top of your page and have a look. Or maybe I am the last one to know there was a marketplace LOL

Making Money on Flixya--No writing required

I have been searching for money making opportunities that do not involve writing. I know a lot of you do not want to write so here you go.

In order to use Flixya you have to have a Google Adsense Account. If you don't have one the Flixya site will lead you through setting one up after you have uploaded 10 pictures or videos.

I highly recommend setting up a Google Adsense Account! Even if you don't like Flixya you need a Google Adsense Account. Yes Abby I am talking to you!!!

This is a  way to generate "passive income". Meaning once you upload pictures or videos and Google ads are installed, you are done. Anytime someone views your picture/video and clicks an ad; Google pays you. Of course if you take the time to promote your pictures on your Facebook or Twitter account, you will get more views; which in turn means more money.

Be sure you only upload pictures or videos you took so that you do not violate copyright laws.

Heres one of my favorite photos that I uploaded today. Dale pulling Jims tail and living up to his name Baxters Black Intimidator.

Of course interesting photos and videos are going to make the most money. You have to be sure and give your photos good descriptive titles, always type in the comments section and ALWAYS add relevant keywords.

I uploaded 10 quick photos this morning and hooked it to my Google Adsense account. Later I will upload some videos. I already have some Youtube videos that make some money thanks to Google Adsense. But generally this is much easier. They are very picky on Youtube what videos they will put ads on and you have to be invited. I was invited to put them on videos of Annie as her videos got so many hits. At least with Flixya you can add whatever you want and see how it goes.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Making Money From Crafts

Many people do not know that I used to be a huge full time crafter. Even owned my own craft store many years ago. I taught tole and decorative painting and sold patterns to magazines. My sisters and I used to set up craft booths and sell all weekend. Man those craft shows are so much work!

One of my top selling gourd patterns:

The best way to make money in crafts is to sell your own original patterns. I still sell mine on ebay and other crafting sites. It doesn't matter what craft you do. Quilting, crocheting, painting etc. If you can come up with original designs and write clear instructions - you can sell the pattern. 

For sure the internet has made this so much easier. You can either put together a file on your desktop for the pattern or use free downloadable software. I have my painting ones in  a file that includes color pictures, a list of materials and instructions. They sell for 7.00-8.00 dollars each.

You can also sell your patterns to magazines. The last pattern I sold to a magazine I got 350.00 plus the retail price of the finished project. and that was 10 years ago! Magazines are always looking for new fresh craft ideas.

Christmas Birdhouse pattern I sold to Better Homes & Garden 

It drives me crazy that Demand Studio writers write quilting and crochet patterns for a measly 15.00!! Why do people do that? Just say no! Once you turn it in to Demand you can never resell that pattern. Crazy stuff. I hate it when people short change themselves.

Many are afraid to write craft patterns thinking they have to go to the court house and get a copyright. They don't realize that the second you produce something, you have an automatic copyright. That applies to pictures, quilts, paintings, drawings etc. I always date every pattern and then use the copyright symbol.

I got so burnt out painting the same thing 50 times. I would much rather paint something once and then sell the pattern. 

Snow woman gourd pattern