Thursday, February 8, 2018

Selling on Amazon or Amazon Handmade Check Your Returns Setting

For those of us selling on Amazon and/or Amazon handmade, be sure and check your return settings.

When Amazon went to automated returns they wiped out many of us sellers return settings. I had to type all of mine back in. Including my restocking fee for returns with no reason such as "don't want it anymore"

Just go to "settings" in the upper right hand corner of seller central and then click "returns"

Happy Selling!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Etsy Black History Month Blog Post

Just when I think the Etsy forums have hit an all time low; someone posts about Etsy showcasing Black shop owners for Black History Month. Which is great. Its the replies that are so disheartening. Racism is alive and well in the Etsy forums!

I guess I am way too naive as I really didn't think there were so many racist entitled people selling on Etsy. Many of these posters are ones I have really liked over the years.

We all know (and have complained) that the majority of showcased sellers are young pretty white women. So why would anyone begrudge them showcasing black sellers? Especially during Black History Month. That is crazy to me. Etsy has done certain groups before (couples etc) and no one complained about that.

I read one of the most offensive posts this morning. A post joked about wearing black face to get showcased. Or is she tan enough? How could she not know how offensive that is? And why doesn't Etsy delete that? I have had way more mild posts than that deleted.

The whole thread makes me both sad and angry. Sad that people still think this way and angry that more are not standing up and saying those posts are wrong.

I call it thinly veiled racism. 

Friday, February 2, 2018

Gaslighting on the Etsy Fourms

Gaslighting on the Etsy forums has gone beyond anything I have ever seen in the last year. It is rampant.

Last year it was the slow sales/views threads. If you didn't agree with everything the core group said; you were targeted. They even had their own Facebook group to talk about how to get back at people that posted different views from their own. They even talked about buying a low cost item from sellers that disagreed so that they could leave bad feedback. This is going way too far. Myself and another seller outed them once we saw their nasty Facebook group. Several were banned from the Etsy forums. Thank goodness

But now it starts again. Because I dared to disagree with an article on SEO someone posted. The article is fine but it has nothing to do with product listings. Its SEO for online content writers. Whis IN MY OPINION is not the same as writing a product listing. I was an online content writer for Yahoo for years. I know the difference. 

I feel bad that so many are taking that article to heart and re doing their shops. It probably won't  hurt, but it won't help either. So that is a huge amount of wasted time for them. 

First I was told to stop posting and go make my own thread. I hate when people say this. A forum by its nature is for an exchange of ideas. If you don't want other people to post; don't start a thread. 

Then my words are twisted over and over to mean something totally opposite of what I meant. It goes on and on. The only thing to do is disengage. Which I have promised myself I will. 

I honestly don't know how so many supposedly expert sellers have time to post huge lengthy posts all day long. I have business's to run. I can't be writing posts that look like books all day on Etsy. It makes you wonder how busy are they really? 

Bernat Baby Blanket Stripes and Blanket Stripes Now in Stock!

Yay my Bernat order finally arrived! I now have the Bernat Baby Blanket Stripes and Blanket stripes in stock and ready to ship! I am only missing 4 of the regular Blanket stripes colors and they will be here Feb 12th. Below is picture Bernat Baby Stripes Ballerina. Cannot wait to crochet with this color! Any orders $75.00 and over receive free USPS priority shipping.
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I also ordered more of the Bernat Blanket coastal Colors! These have been very hard to get. Be sure to order enough to finish your project as I am never sure when I can get more coastal collection colors. Below is Bernat Blanket North Sea

Monday, January 29, 2018

New Popcorn Flavor Red Velvet Cake with White Chocolate Drizzles Damn Good Popcorn

It took a lot of trial and error but we finally came up with the perfect Red Velvet Cake popcorn recipe!

Tastes just like Red Velvet cake and drizzled with white chocolate. Perfect Valentines gift for the Red Velvet Cake lovers! And we offer it in a pretty red popcorn tin. See our website at to order today!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Selling with Free Shipping on Amazon Handmade

I see a lot of crafter's refuse to do free shipping on Amazon Handmade. This is okay for Etsy but on Amazon free shipping is well worth it.

Amazon like Ebay, knows that customers want free shipping. Customers know it isn't really free. They know they are paying the shipping. But they prefer it combined in the price. This has been proven over and over for years.

Another benefit to free shipping on Amazon is the Amazon postage reimbursement never gives you the correct amount for your postage. If you use their shipping settings and Amazon postage; I can about guarantee that you will lose money on postage. Especially if you sell heavier items.

The biggest benefit to offering free shipping on Amazon is you get a boost in search. Amazon will always show listings with free shipping first. This is huge. Ebay does the same thing. And I suspect Etsy will start doing this in the future.

The search for any online venue wants to give the customer what they want to see. And that is free shipping. This is why all listings with fee shipping will rank higher in search. 

Monday, January 22, 2018

Never Buy Google Ads for Your Etsy Shop

I see many people buying Google ads for their Etsy store. In my opinion this is a huge mistake and waste of money.

First, Etsy gives us all Google ads for free, so why on earth would you pay for them? Second, Etsy shows every visitor your competition. So you are paying for ads that will also show your competitors items to your buyer. To me that is not money well spent.

If you are going to buy Google ads only buy them for your own website or blog. Never to direct to a venue like Etsy or Ebay.

Google ads can be effective but they don't come cheap. And there is a huge learning curve to using them. Its foolish to throw that money at a venue like Etsy.

As I have said for years; to get seen on Etsy just use good SEO. Specfically SEO geared to Google shopping. That way you can never go wrong .

Selling on Amazon or Amazon Handmade Check Your Returns Setting

For those of us selling on Amazon and/or Amazon handmade, be sure and check your return settings. When Amazon went to automated returns t...